What We Do


Having tough time managing people, implementing strategic planning and other employee issues in your company? We can help you in



Human Resources Management:

  • We specialize in time and labour management, workflow planning and employee benefits administration.


Getting killed by accounting and finance issues? Not a fan of debits and credits nor keeping organized records? Accounting and finance issues are addressed as the most important issues in businesses. Ignoring these issues will only bring you more problems in the long run. Don't let these ruin your passion in your business and doing what matters most to you. Our professional team can assist you in



Accounting & Finance:

  • Our services include the review of businesses, preparation of financial statements, tax compliance, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Based on our analysis on the status of reserves, assets and expenditures, recommendations will be made.
  • We do debtors and creditors aging reports, and bank reconciliation to ensure compliance with established accounting practices.
  • Lavin SS also looks for discrepancies of financial information to ensure accuracy, adherence to established procedures and compliances with local by-laws and legislatures.


Cracking your head over operations and administrative issues in expanding your business? Looking for professionals to evaluate financial risks in avoiding and minimizing their impact? We offer professional services to help you in



Operations & Administration:

  • The three main functions in operations and administration are customer service, transaction processing and support and risk management. Our customer service team conducts due diligence.
  • The strict regulations in the financial industry mandates know-your-client compliance checks, and we provide support to our clients by carrying out such checks.
  • Meanwhile, our transaction processing and support specialists will set up, monitor and execute business procedures, to support clients' business processes.
  • To minimize risk for our clients, we prepare compliant audit data through compiling and analysing information.
  • As our clients may undertake new businesses, we support them by researching regulatory and filing information to come up with clear guidelines for business operations.


Having headaches over marketing strategies to make your products/services visible to your target audience? As a business owner, you always have more pressing issues to handle and struggling to find time to produce and deliver contents for marketing. Our professional team offers services in




  • The marketing team handles sales, business development, merchandising and purchasing, and creation of marketing content. Our team is close-knitted, and work closely to promote and sell your products/services that are offered. The business development and copywriters manage content on social media, coming up with ideas for campaigns to advertise our clients' businesses, both above and below the line.
  • We analyse and investigate product pricing, demand, supply and competition. By reviewing sales data and market trends, we also provide recommendation to our clients on their business strategy.
  • We identify opportunities by focusing on consumers' requirements and wants, while conducting market analysis. Market analysis would include market share research of major players, competitor's strengths and weaknesses and threats in an industry.
  • Through discussion with our client's senior management, we help to define markets to be in. To expand into new markets, we come up with marketing content, based on target customers and target markets. We assist in design, copywriting, merchandising and purchasing, to create a brand image for our client's business.